Love / Extra Marital Affairs :

Our professional and trained detectives can find out whether your spouse is having any love or extramarital affair. We emphasize on giving you the peace of mind caused by misperceptions. Our investigation is strictly confidential and totally discreet. Our topmost priority is your privacy.

Our experienced detectives are highly talented by providing all required support for your family, assets and health. Our team of investigators helps you in divorce cases with detailed reports and professional video tape evidence that stands up in the court of law. We provide these services across India and abroad

Love Affairs

In case of investigating love affair cases, we help parents in knowing the:

    Movements of children
    Clarifying the parents’ doubts on love affairs
    Information related lover (Boy / Girl)
    Their family information
    Behavior pattern
    As detective agencies for character report making service provider, we provide detailed Character profile
    Professional information

Extra-marital Affairs

As a comprehensive detective agency for extra marital affairs, we help you to get required evidence/proof of an extramarital affair as soon as possible. Our infidelity experts and extra marital investigators consult with spouses who need to investigate a extra marital, lover, date, partner, ex-wife, ex-husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mistress or other person cheating in the relationship or marriage.

We advise you to stop living in doubt and avail our marital infidelity service to check up on your girl friend / spouse / fiancée or boyfriend. Our team has rich experience in solving extra marital investigations, matrimonial infidelity investigation, marital affairs verifications, etc.

In these cases, we provide the following information:

Tracking movement of spouse

    Names of the person with whom your spouse / girl friend / fiancée is having extra-marital affair
    Wolirkplace details
    Contact Information
    Proofs like photos, audio recording or video coverage