Intellectual Property Rights :

There is huge loss because of counterfeit products. Company may incur millions of money because of this menace of fake products. With this problem the company’s reputation will be at a stake. Fake products with less quality and unscrupulous features may tarnish the brand image of owning company.

At Real Eye, we provide total solution to counter the problem of intellectual property violations through:

   Finding out the source of leakage
   Identifying counterfeit products
   Locating the retail outlets where such counterfeit products on sale
   Tracking the distribution channel
   Assessing the entire value chain involved in the counterfeiting
   Tracking the place of manufacturing of such products
   Collecting the evidence
   Raid the place with the help of local officials

We have agents among our strategic network within India and abroad to find out the total chain involved in counterfeiting the products of the company. Our team helps you in solving this problem in quicker manner to protect your business interests.

Our team works in tandem with law enforcement authorities and officials to tackle the trouble makers and counterfeiters. Thus, we collect solid evidence to put in the court of law as proof and take further legal action.

There are some remedies available to counter the infringement of intellectual property rights. We help our clients through:

   If you realize that your products are counterfeited by some unknown persons / agencies, you can approach us. We help you in tracing the source of such counterfeit and support you in pleading with the appropriate court to grant a Temporary, Preliminary or Permanent Restraining Order to counter or avoid further infringement.

   We help you to take the help of court and law enforcement authorities in taking legal action against the counterfeiter / holder of counterfeited items or products. We also help you take legal protection to confiscate such products and get claim for damages for such counterfeiting.

   We also help you to take the support of courts of law in prosecuting such counterfeiter for damaging the reputation of your company. In this connection, we can even help to claim legal expenditure and attorney fees from the counterfeiter / counterfeiting agency.