Spy Cameras :

We market the following Spy Camera products:

Spy Watch

Do you want to keep an audio/video record of all important private meetings for later review? Then this product is the perfect choice. It is a surveillance type audio and video recording camera built into elegantly looking wristwatch with 4GB Flash Memory Drive with 2-1/2 hours of video footage storage.

Covert Button Camera and View Screen

Button Spy camera includes a portable DVR with view screen and recording capacity up 4 GB. This is a lightweight, durable video and audio device has practical and useful features which are simple to use.

Mini Spy Camera Kit

Mini Spy Camera has audio and video recording capacity with smaller size. It can fit into a chewing gum wrapper for effective and undetectable covert operations.

Radio Watcher

It is secret surveillance system that looks like an old type of radio but is built in with hidden full color mini wireless camera.

Button Camera

This hidden surveillance pinhole spy camera can be placed as a button in a shirt. It has a pocket sized DVR and all the necessary cables included in one complete kit.

Tie Camera

This camera can be fixed to tie for effective surveillance with video and audio recording. It is suitable for the office, trade show, business meetings etc. purposes.

Mini Wireless Camera with Receiver

This is a wireless surveillance system with the combination of audio and video. It is ideal to keep a close eye on your home and business establishments.

Spy Alarm Clock

This looks like a normal digital clock with a lock. But it is inbuilt with undetectable pinhole video lens that enables you to record pictures, audio and video. It has sockets to download the recorded files into computer systems for further documentation.