Fingerprint Verification :

We provide best-in-class fingerprint verification services. In the wake of biometric identification scenario, fingerprint frauds have become big issues of concern. Today in private investigation sector, fingerprint verification service has become of the much sought after and demanded service.

At Real Eye, we have rich domain expertise in providing this special service to clients in different business sectors. With the increase in crime and law offenses, it is essential part is to collect the culprit’s fingerprint at location of crime or offense. The investigation thus leads to find out whether culprit is single or a group at the time of crime.

The role of fingerprint verification / detection is vital for cracking any of the case and punishing the culprit in the court of law. Thus, this service considered as special one among detective agencies.

Across India, where the crime rate is increasing on daily basis, there will be tremendous scope for private detective agencies to play important role in reducing the crime rate by providing accurate services.

Today, across India, Real Eye is considered as one of the prominent private detective agency offering customized, cost-effective and quicker services for accurate fingerprint verification cases.

In solving cases, our team use advanced systems, methods and modus operandi in verifying and detecting fingerprints in quicker, easier and reliable manner to find out the appropriate identification. This achievement leads to solving the case further and nabbing the defaulter / culprit.

Primarily, we investigate the collected fingerprints as against to the available database with police department in the form of physical or softcopy. In such cases, fingerprint verification becomes easier and quicker.

In case, the matching fingerprints are not available, it becomes very difficult to solve the case. We have expertise in solving even such cases by using our advanced methods of forensic intelligence and analysis.