Legal Advice :

We work closely with different lawyers, attorneys and legal firms. Through them, we help you in all aspects of legal advisory services. Thus, we support you for all your case filings and related issues.

Starting from workplace surveillance to corporate investigation services, from loan claim investigation to pre/prost marriage and employment services, Real Eye provides cost-effectiveness and competitive edge to all our clients.

Our experts offer total support in preparing the case sheets to enable lawyer to understand the case in easier manner. Our detectives help them using their skills to provide valued legal advisory services.

We build enduring relationships with our clients and offer professional legal support services to assist lawyers. We help them in:

   Preparing clearer case documentation
   Planning the sequence of evidence to produce before court of law
   Helping them to support clients for total satisfaction

At Real Eye, our team has rich hands-on practical knowledge of the law along with deep domain understanding of admissible evidence and the need for total confidentiality.

Our team emphasizes on providing Legal Support process service as one of the most common duties of private detectives. But in general, many private detective agencies does not give much importance to this service. Unlike other agencies, we give utmost priority to offer comprehensive services for clients.

As part of this service, we identify the legal support requirement of client, validity of his / her case / claim and accordingly we plan a legal proceeding strategy with which the case needs to be pursued with the court of law.

After investigating the case, collecting the vital information and adequate evidences, it is very important to pursue the case with court of law in the most professional and foolproof manner. You cannot afford to make any mistake or commit mistake in producing exact information. Thus, we ensure to help clients to complete the legal process in the court of law smoothly and discreetly.

We emphasize on clients by preparing legal documents as per the requirements of court, law firms and attorneys. That's why you need to hire a specialized agency like us to complete your process efficiently.