Debugging Services :

We strongly believe that secured functioning is vital factor to succeed in the current arena of business competition. Thus, we provide advanced and electronic surveillance systems, solutions and services for our clients.

Our team has rich skills in:

   Assessing your individual / organizational security scenario
   Providing assistance
   Detecting illicit monitoring devices
   Supplying state-of-the-art security equipments

Bugging in generally means something problem / threat / menace to your living / working / business environment. We possess sound knowledge and skills to counter such problems comprehensively in order to ensure security to your life.

Today, the advent of technology is bringing new devices, systems and surveillance environments that are posing threat to your privacy / information or business. Our team is equipped with debugging and detecting systems that detect such sleuth devices and ensure security for your life.

Our detective agency offers bug sweep or detection services that cover the following:

   Provide anti wiretapping and Debugging
   Detect and eliminate electronic eavesdropping within a residence, office or vehicle
   Detect covert cameras, microphones, GPS Vehicle Trackers or hidden surveillance devices in your home, office or business
   Assist in phone line check, detect hidden cameras, detection of wiretaps, detection of spy cameras, detect hidden surveillance cameras, etc.

Our team can provide debugging services such as:

   Bug sweep your home, car, cellular phone, laptop / PC computer, conference room, warehouse or business office
   Detect hidden bugs within your electronic equipment
   Provide / rent counter surveillance products such as hidden surveillance cameras, spy cams, nanny cams, micro / miniature surveillance equipment or other spy surveillance products

We are also specialized in providing bug sweep services for:

   Cell phone tapping
   Vehicle tracking checking
   Electronic espionage
   Corporate espionage from competitors
   Anti Phone tapping services
   Eavesdropping services
   Provide spy software to ensure security