Missing Person Tracing :

Our capabilities include locating missing persons of all hues – relatives, friends or fraudsters. We have an extensive network of contacts and excellent experience in intensive investigation to help locate and track people who may have gone missing for any length of time.

Our team has an excellent record of tracking down persons who have been missing for long periods of time. When you take our services for tracking a missing person, we assure you effective results.

As one of the leading detective agencies for tracing missing persons, Real Eye always emphasize on helping the those whose near and dear ones including child, grown up sons and daughters, brother, father, sister or any other relative are missing and they are desperately looking for them. We work with much determination and dedication to find the lost ones because we know and understand the struggle and agony of the seekers.

With rich domain expertise, it has become an interesting and thrilling service to provide you to give the joy and celebration of the reunion. When we receive a call to find a missing friend, high school buddy, girlfriend, boyfriend, military companion, acquaintance or lost love, we give utmost priority to the caller.

Elopement Check

As part of such cases, we help you by checking the elopement angle and unearth the truth

Reason Tracking

Apart from finding out the missing persons, we also track the reason / motive behind such missing / absconding / vanishing. We assess the reason whether it an affair, involvement in illegal activity, threat from someone, extortion, financial deficit, etc.

Mentally Retarded Missing Cases

In case of missing persons where they are mentally retarded, we collect the vital information like as to what extent they are mentally retarded and try to track their whereabouts.

Missing Children

If your child is missing / ran away, the first 48 hours are often the most crucial. So, please inform us immediately about the missing like details of your child, photograph, close friends information, hobbies, mental condition, etc.