Fraud / Cheating Cases :

As an individual, you may have different investigation needs, information requirements. We document them in a detailed report and provide you with will all relevant evidence, information and so on.

At Real Eye, we deploy exclusive team of investigators and detectives to unravel the mysteries of frauds and cheatings cases to which you were a victim. With our timely service, we provide all required evidence for total peace of mind.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud is something like an act of deception that is deliberately done with the intention of financial or any other gain. Our expertise includes investigating frauds such as:

Benefit Fraud

is like getting the financial / economical / education / social welfare / healthcare benefit by showing fake evidence or documents or through bribes.

Identity Fraud

includes usage of stolen Credit cards, spam emails asking the financial information in disguise of banks authorities, illegal making or fake credit cards, etc.

Company Fraud

includes unscrupulous employees see claiming expenses as a way of paying non worked-related bills, falsifying receipts, improper use of company credit cards, tampered timesheets, etc. In few cases, companies also indulge in fraud by setting up fake companies or opening fake accounts to adjust invoices, fudge financial returns, abusing the company’s trust.

Bribery Fraud

includes someone accepting money, goods or services in exchange of a favor especially in availing some of the financial schemes or government support.

Cheating Investigations

Today, finance and loans market is making lot of business. This is also opening many loopholes for some of the people to submit fake documents and get financial assistance or loan. This is leading to the industry to incur heavy losses and posing big threat to the industry.

At Real Eye, we have the best team of detectives available across India, to solve cases related to financial cheating cases and fraud issues. We deliver our best with our excellent technical expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer you the solace and riddance from these problems. Our team has done exhaustive research to understand various motives behind these frauds.