Student Activities :

We understand your concern in contacting a private detective for the first time. Our experienced staff offers discreet consultation on your particular problem or issue. Our agents deal with day-to-day individuals who simply have a need to know, be it for simple peace of mind or making a difficult decision.

We provide the list of probable outcomes, the costs involved and the duration of the enquiry based on the expertise of our specialist team of investigators with an honest and realistic approach.The initial consultation is when the clients get to know their allocated agent and feel more confident and reassured about the process. They help you in finding the movements of your wards, their activities and social friend circle.

NRI Parents

Especially in the case of NRI parents, where parents stay in remote countries are worried of their children back in India. The main concern is whether their children are studying well or getting attracted to antisocial elements or getting adverse habits.

Children Activity Monitoring

At Real Eye, we help parents to keep a tab on their wards and observe activities during college / school hours. Thus, we help in assessing the activities for comprehensive analysis.

Behavioral Check

We prepare detailed behavioral profiles based on their movements, attitude, activities, associations, affiliations, aspirations, etc. This kind of profiling helps us in assessing their future course of actions.

College Behavior / Discipline

As part of our investigation, we assess their behavior and discipline college aspects discreetly. We also try to find out so far any disciplinary actions taken by school / college management.

Friend’s Circle

We help in monitoring friend’s circle and their group behavior, their activities, hobbies and their movements. Thus, we help parents to take extra care of their wards before they are landing into big problem.


Our team of investigators helps in finding out hobbies of children to gauge the behavior and attitude

Social Life

We support parents to monitor the social activities, affiliations and contacts in order to prevent them from drug abuse and illicit activities.

Academic Performance

We provide them details reports on academic performance students.