Cyber Crime :

As the modern corporate world getting into more automated and more online, it is becoming more significant is the rise of cyber crime. This is computer related loss using new ingenious way to commit the crime.

As the leading detective agencies for white collar crime, we help you to uncover share frauds, credit card crime, financial thefts and many more. Our team of sleuths supports you in detecting and preventing such crime by providing a complete package to counteract related frauds and abuses.

With the advent of technology, cyber crimes are also increasing. So, if you have suffered computer related loss may be regarding credit card, net banking or anything else, we can serve you in the best way possible by offering cyber crime verification services.

Email Fraud

Email Fraud is the way of making fraud using email such as letters or malicious messages in order to get detailed information illegally. In such cases, if you approach us, we can provide the following details:

   Find the source / location of email origin
   Identity the person / organization involved in email fraud
   Do background check on the same

In our investigations, we use an innovative approach in identifying the person's identification. For example, you have the person's letters / messages / Emails to you. In many cases (it depends on the situation) it allows us to find out much necessary information by means of only the content of those letters.

Phone SMS

We can help you track the phone SMS history like incoming, outgoing SMSes a suspected person is involved in. this service is useful for parents to put a tab on their children activities, organizations to check their employee’s usage of official phones, etc.

Phone Calls Tracing

We help you to track the calls both incoming and outgoing on a particular phone. Our team can get detailed information on

   How many calls were made to each number
   At what time they were made
   How long each call lasted
   Audio recording of some of the calls