Photography / Audio Recording / Video Surveillance :

Evidence Collection

As the leading detective agencies for evidence collection, our team of investigators collects the following evidence from the crime scene:

   Blood stains
   Seminal / sweat stains
   Hair / nails
   Knife / nail marks
   Fibers and threads
   Glass / Paint substances
   Flammable liquids
   Firearms evidence
   Tool marks
   Controlled substances
   Medicinal preparations

Proof Recording

As the detective agencies for documentary report and detective agencies for documentary proof, we help our clients, to record the proof and evidences in the form of photos / audio / video recording which can be used in case of any lawsuit. We conduct video surveillance on people’s activities and their vehicles through our high quality spy cameras, video camcorders and audio recording equipment. All the evidences are legitimate to file in the court of law in case of any litigation.


As leading detective agency for shadowing, we provide you shadowing service to collect vital information in the form of photographs, audio recordings or video coverage. We provide you with the information you need to make important and sometimes tough decisions. Our detectives are dedicated to unearth the truth.

Sting Operation

Sting Operation is a method to nab the person committing a misdeed by means of any unfair practice. Our team plans and executes the sting operation with great care. Sting Operation is basically an information-gathering exercise conducted to obtain facts that are not easy to obtain by simple means or those that are actively being hidden or unclear.

Our team of detectives helps you to conduct sting operation anywhere in India. We ensure to conduct these sting operations with great care and precision to ensure that our team gets the trust and confidence of the subject so that they can obtain the desired information without creating any doubt in the subject's mind. We have the latest spy cameras and other sting operation equipment.