Theft Investigation :

Are you the owner of any asset / property / vehicle / jewelry / money and suffering from the loss? It can pain you a lot because you are acquired it after lot of hard work and effort personally and professionally.

At Real Eye, we help you with an exclusive team of private investigators who can carry out complete investigation using several methods to trace and locate the person or persons responsible for the theft. You as individual or company may face problem of theft of your items such as laptops, mobile phones personal belongings are being removed by staff or some other persons.

As one of the leading detective Agencies to detect the pilferage of goods, we:

    Movements of children
   Investigate the suspects and keep a tab on their personal actions and lives
   Use hidden cameras and/or recorders
   Plant the trap to know the originator of the theft
   As one of the best detective agencies for undercover arrangement, we introduce undercover agents as working employees
   Take up contractor investigations taking odd jobs like cleaners, service people, maintenance etc.
   As detective agencies for undercover surveillance, we help you to have build local investigation and intelligence network

We help you in recovering the following:

Costly Mobile Phone

In case of your costly mobile phone theft, we help you to trace it using IMIE Number Tracking and advanced network mobile service providers.

Jewelry Recovery

We help individuals and jewelry shops in recovering their lost gold, silver and platinum ornaments.

Vehicle Theft Cases

Our team of sleuths helps you in getting back your two wheeler, three wheeler or four wheeler vehicles.

Money Theft Cases

As one of the best detective agencies for money recovery, Real Eye helps you to solve money robbery cases from ATM, Banks and houses.

ATM / Credit Card Recovery

We help you in recover your stolen ATM / Credit Cards and also support you in tracing unauthorized transactions made using your ATM / Credit Cards.


We solve shoplifting cases and help you in nabbing the culprits with proofs. We can provide you advanced surveillance monitoring systems to ensure total security at you shops, malls and shopping complexes.

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