Loans & Finance :

In today’s situation, debts, loans and taking financial assistance from individuals, financial institutions, money lending firms or banks, have become an accepted norm of lifestyle.

With large section of individuals and organizations opting for such loans and financial assistance at some point or the other, it becomes challenging task for money lending parties to recover them without any problem.

Today, people and organizations are resorting to availing loans and financial assistance, because of:

   Advent of technology
   Avenues of entertainment
   Facilities of comfort
   Continuous wishes in life
   Yearn for better lifestyle
   Desire to own comforts of life at an early age

In many cases, people / banks face the problem of getting repayments of loans at regular intervals. Sometimes, people abscond or organizations may appeal for Insolvency Petition (IP). In such cases, individuals or banks can approach us to find out the real motive behind such money evading.

We help individuals and banks in recovering loans, financial lent money, etc. Especially in India, loan evading percentage is more compared to other developed or developing countries.

We have good reputation is solving many critical loan / money evading cases, debt recovery cases, etc. At Real Eye, we earned distinction in providing customized financial investigation services. We got immense reputation as far as loan recovery / financial investigation services.

In investigating the loan recovery cases, we gather the detailed information on the defaulter to their client. We also help the clients to recovering them and booking the culprits under according to the law and order