Pre / Post Employment Verification :

Pre-Employment Verification, if done properly covering all angles, goes a long way in selecting a right person for right position. We also provide background verification services helping clients verify previous employment history of candidates, lifestyles, habits, hobbies etc.

As comprehensive detective agency for pre employment checking, we help you in verifying the prospective employees:

   Criminal record (if any)
   His/her medical background
   Political affiliation
   Family background
   Financial status
   Work performance
   Attitude towards subordinates / superiors
   Behavior profile
   Salary statements in banks / Certificates

Post Employment Verification

Similar to Pre Employment verifications, Post Employment verifications are also equally important for effective work environment. Our team has experts in handing employment verification services. Our sleuths investigate the information such as:

   Undue usage of official infrastructure for personal purpose
   Leaking confidential information
   Loose talk
   Irregular timings
   Lack of professional behavior
   Sexual harassment
   Ill reputation within the neighborhood

Our team of expert detectives provides post employment verification services through:

   Doubt Clarification
   As detective agencies for character report and verification, we provide detailed character profile of the Employee
   Tracing Emails
   Tracing official phones
   Contact Checking
   As a prominent detective agency for shadowing, we can arrange exclusive detective to shadow a targeted Person