Collection of Proof / Evidence :

Validity of any observations or comments is openly dependent on the level of evidence and proofs that can be produced in the court of law. The result of any dispute / litigation is based on documentary collection of proofs and direct, corroborative or circumstantial evidences for filing the cases. We offer the following services:

Proofs of Income / Financial Status

We help clients in getting the required details of salary and business income, credit card expenses, expenses on mobile usage, details of vehicles, etc. The report can be used as evidence to be produced at the time of legal proceedings.

Medical Profiles

Our team supports you in getting you details of previous medical records in the form of medical diagnosis reports, medical treatment history from hospitals / clinics.

Threatening / Anonymous E-mails

Today many mischief mongers use electronic communications to send malicious / threatening / anonymous e-mails to harass, malign, insult, demand ransom, etc. We investigate such matters to find out the culprit and the hidden motives.

Proofs of Employment

We can provide you copies of salary statements, identification card details, personal photographs or any other related evidence. We help you in finding the genuine information that can be used in verifications, legal cases, etc.

Proofs of Properties / Assets

As the leading detective agencies for civil matters, we undertake such investigations which are useful in monetary disputes for attachment of property or realization of court degrees or even in business dealings/due-diligence cases. We can prepare a detailed report on all the moveable / immovable assets registered in the name of the target person.

Character Report

As detective agencies for Character Report making, we can collect all photos / audio / video / cell details / other proofs using secret surveillance and tactful inquiries from different sources. These evidences can be used as proof to be produced in the court of law. The main objective of this collection is to acquire all required evidences for court purposes and out-of-court negotiations.

Proofs of Adultery

Our undercover detectives can help you to collect evidence on your spouse to prove his / her adultery character.