Corporate Services

As corporate investigators in Hyderabad / India, we help corporate organizations in verifying their employees information, unearthing frauds and cheatings, conduct undercover operations, probe into patent, trademark, copyright infringements and so on.

Employment Verification

Pre-Employment Verification, if done properly covering all angles.

Fraud / Cheating Cases

As an individual, you may have different investigation needs, information.

Undercover Operations

Real Eye has a specialized team for the undercover operation.

Patent / Copyright Infringement

In the recent times, corporate organizations are facing the problems.

Intellectual Property Rights

There is huge loss because of counterfeit products. Company may

Debugging Services

We strongly believe that secured functioning is vital factor to succeed

Cyber Crime

As the modern corporate world getting into more automated and more online.

Money Laundering

The general goal of large number of criminal acts is to generate a profit.

Loans & Finance

In today’s situation, debts, loans and taking financial assistance from.

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