Patent / Trademark / Copyright Infringement :

In the recent times, corporate organizations are facing the problems of copyright, patent and trademark infringements. Today’s advanced technology, organizational information availability over the Internet and competition within the marketplaces has resulting in such exploitation.

As the leading detective agencies for Infringement of Trade Mark, we support your company’s interests by helping you in finding out the misuse of your patents, trademarks, intellectual properties or copyrights and help you through according to company laws. At Real Eye, we have a team of experts who can handle patent, trademark or copyright infringement investigations across India.

As the best private detective agency in Hyderabad, our team of investigators and detectives provides trademark, patent and copyright infringements investigation through:

   Informing the clients on various common areas where these infringements occur in organizations
   Organizing covert investigations to find out related samples and photographic proofs on information leakages
   Conducting undercover operations involving persons or company officials
   Organizing documentary evidence and civil seizures related with local and government law enforcement
   Preparing the detailed catalogue of seized products, documents and other proofs of evidence
   Checking and searching the background such as media, advertising and trade journals

We handle the following:

   Seizure of counterfeit products
   Investigating the leakage of proprietary information
   Finding out the source from which trade secrets are missing
   Compliance with due diligence in the entire investigation
   Provide corporate clients with the required information and resources
   Support them in prosecuting the guilty persons
   Help clients with total litigation support

Real Eye experts help you in tracing out and locating the counterfeiter, related associates and their motive behind such infringement. We trace the entire route of origin of an identified infringement to destination like who is final source to get benefit out of such maligned leakage. Our team of experts conducts the detailed survey to unearth the truth and help you to find out the crooked minded person(s) within employees, family, partners, associates, competitors, etc.