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Insurance Claims

Insurance fraud is an ever increasing problem for both insured employers and their insurance service providing companies. It has become an epidemic problem across globe. Hence, we suggest firm action for each of such breach.

We use video and photographic detection systems to ensure fair and fast investigations. Thus we enable them to suspend, charge or prosecute the guilty as per the insurance laws and courts.

We provide comprehensive Insurance Claims Verification services to find out and penalize the perpetrators. We have rich domain expertise in this field of secret investigation.

Today, majority of insurance agencies verify the claim details through an independent agency. We help such insurance service providers in verifying the required details for each of such claim.

Thus, we help the insurance companies to ensure to entertain only right claims in case of personal, group, vehicular, property, death insurance claims. Our experts help the companies in checking the validity of each claim taking various official / authenticated information into consideration in deciding the legality of claimant, reason for claim, etc.

At Real Eye, we assist the insurance companies in handling the following issues regarding insurance claims:

  • Worker compensation claims
  • Vehicular accidental claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Bodily injury claims
  • Vehicular theft insurance claim
  • Physical disability claims
  • Nominee / claimant identity proofs
  • Evidence to insurance fraud
  • Legal / litigation support
  • Personal injury verification
  • Life / health claims
  • Personal disability verification
  • Activity tracking
  • Company verification
  • Statements collection
  • Written documents
  • Witness location
  • Video evidence collection
  • Investigation at the place of accident
  • Property claims
  • Scene reconstruction
  • Personal injury enquiry
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